【tsg0o0 Terms of Service】

These are translations from Japanese

These Terms of Service govern the terms and conditions of use of the services provided by tsg0o0.

1. Adaptation

You are deemed to have agreed to these Terms of Service when you use any service or content created by tsg0o0.

Minors are considered to have the consent of their parents or guardians.

These Terms of Service are the foundation of all Terms of Service.

If there is a conflict with the terms and conditions of each service, those terms and conditions will take precedence.

2. Privacy

I believe that everyone's privacy should be protected.

Sh1rga and volunteering for and Tor relay nodes is my commitment to privacy.

Personal information obtained through the use of the services shall be handled in accordance with the "Privacy Policy" for each service.

Services that do not have a privacy policy are subject to this privacy policy.

3. Change of Terms

These Terms of Service and other terms may be revised from time to time.

Continued use of the Service after the Terms of Service have been changed will constitute acceptance of the changed Terms of Service.

4. Precautions

I may be subject to suspension or interruption of service.

I shall not be liable for any compensation or responsibility for any disadvantage or damage incurred by the user in using the service.

Even if I am liable for damages, the amount of compensation shall be limited to the amount equivalent to the price, unless I am grossly negligent.

I do not guarantee that the services I provide are secure or free of security or other flaws or bugs.