【tsg0o0 Terms of Service】

This Terms of Service sets forth the terms and conditions of use for the services provided by tsg0o0.

1. General

These terms and conditions are deemed to have been agreed to by the user when saving and using tsg0o0 content (images, audio, and all other content created by tsg0o0) and services.

In the event of any inconsistency between these Terms and Conditions and the individual regulations, the individual regulations shall take precedence.

2. Suspension of service provision

I may suspend or interrupt the provision of the service in the following cases.

When performing inspections or updates to systems required for service

When it becomes difficult to provide the service

When a problem occurs in the system

In any other cases where I deem it difficult to provide the service

I shall not be liable for any disadvantage or damage suffered by users or third parties due to the suspension or interruption of service provision.

3. Prohibition of the transfer of rights and obligations

Users may not transfer your position, rights, or obligations under the Terms of Use to another person, even if that person is a family member or relative, without my prior consent.

4. Privacy

I believe everyone's privacy should always be protected.

Users will be allowed to access tsg0o0's web site using Tor or other means to protect their privacy.

In addition, personal information obtained through the use of services shall be handled in accordance with the "Privacy Policy" of each service.

5. Change of Terms

I reserve the right to change these terms and conditions or the terms and conditions for each service without prior notice to users.

If you start or continue to use the service after the change of the terms, you will be deemed to have agreed to the changed terms.

6. Precautions

I shall not be liable for any compensation or responsibility for any disadvantage or damage to users or third parties that may occur when users use the services or contents.

In the event that I am held liable for damages, the amount of compensation shall be limited to the amount equivalent to the price.

I do not guarantee that the services I provide will be secure, accurate, or free of security or other defects or bugs.

7. Prohibited items

Users must not engage in the following activities.

Acts related to criminal activities

Infringement of copyrights, trademarks, or intellectual property rights contained in the service

Destroy or interfere with the equipment of me, other users, or other third parties

Actions that may interfere with my activities

Unauthorized access or attempts to do so

Collecting or storing personal information about other users without permission

Infringing on my or other users' privacy

The act of users modifying the application program that I created and causing trouble to others
Basically, we allow modding as long as the game is offline
You are also allowed to distribute modding tools and patches (Mod), but you may not include the product itself in the distribution or make any financial gain from it
Mod creation and distribution must also follow the terms of the secondary work
Criminal acts or directly disturbing others will be considered a violation of the terms and conditions

Advertising, solicitation, or business activities using services that I have not authorized

Distributing (even renting) data for products that I have not authorized
Secondary distribution is prohibited

Inline linking of files on my server without permission
You can deep-link to a download page, etc.

Actions that cause disadvantage or damage to other users or third parties

Impersonating me or other users, or actions that could be misconstrued as me or other users

Actions that I deem inappropriate

8. Derived work

You may create secondary works as long as you follow the rules below.

It should be clearly stated that tsg0o0 is the original work

Companies and organizations must not benefit financially

Do not infringe on the copyrights of third parties

Only create if you have seen/heard/played the original work

Removing a creative work when I order it to be removed

You can create videos and upload them online
If you are an individual or an organization or company whose main business is producing videos, you can also earn revenue
You may use any Mod that follows the rules
Instead of indicating that tsg0o0 is the original work, please indicate the service title

Not to be used for religious, political, propaganda, or hate actions

If you want to use my work as is, please also observe the following in addition.

Do not lie and say you are the author

Do not impersonate anyone

Do not use them as profile images on social networking sites

I will allow you to use my work for the purpose of derivative works as long as you follow these rules.