tsg0o0 License

These are translations from Japanese

Last Updated: 5/25/2023 (MM-DD-YYYY UTC+9)

1. Applicability

This license is applicable to any and all works, including pictures and music, created by me.

This also includes content created under other names such as Cizzuk Shihu in addition to tsg0o0.

If there are separate terms and conditions or licenses for each work, they will take precedence.

2. License

You may use each work in accordance with its license.
Before using a work, please make sure that the work's license information is available on this Website.

Unless otherwise specified, works are basically licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0. Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International

However, the above license is valid only for the portions for which I have 100% rights.
For example, you should be careful about licensing works that use material created by others, derivative works, or joint works with others.
Please ensure that you do not inadvertently infringe on the rights of others.

In addition, works to be licensed are only available after they have been officially released to the public.
You may not use works in progress or other works that have not yet been released to the public.

If you need a more liberal license than the above, such as a special right to use, you may contact me.
For example, if you do not want to inherit the license under the above license, you need to contact me.

3. Changes

Changes to the license may be made to ease restrictions.

If the restrictions are more restrictive after the change is made, the change is invalid and you should notify me.