【FALLLL privacy policy】

The information of everyone who uses this app shall be handled as follows.

1.Acquired information and its purpose of use

I use the user information in this application for the following purposes.
If you do not provide the information, you may not be able to use part or all of this application.

- Data such as the number of installations and the number of crashes

  Acquisition information: Number of installations, Number of crashes, Number of active devices, Average session duration
  Acquisition method: App Anakytics
  purpose of use: For bug fixes and app improvements

Also, it is impossible for me to use this information to identify an individual.

2.Stop or delete user information

This application does not provide the user with a means to stop or delete the transmission of user information.
If you want to stop sending, please delete this application.
I do not provide a means to delete user information.


I may revise some or all of this Privacy Policy.

4.Contact Me

Click here for inquiries regarding user information, etc.

Also, depending on the content of your inquiry, the reply may be delayed or may not be possible.
Please send it with the name of the app you are inquiring about.